Farting With a Purpose

For years passing gas has been written off by society. It’s unfortunate to think the natural act of passing gas has turned into a slapstick joke. I understand how the unpleasant odor draws concern but farts are natural. Instead of being some doll coddled by American culture there’s a way to use your human instincts with a purpose. We head to happy hour with our buddies. We look for a table by the bar but the place is filled. We look over and see a guy sitting solo to save a table of four. What do we do?… Easy, ask him politely if he’s using the table, once he starts talking fart, make sure to fart hard to leave the most unpleasant odor possible. Immediately flee the scene and watch his nostrils flare with pain. If you execute the fart correctly he will evacuate to avoid being accused of such a foul odor. Bam tables open. Farting with a purpose, Could Be The Move.

– Move by Jason H. (New York, NY)

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