The Beer Cup.

This Move had me flabbergasted. Your boy was enjoying a beautiful Scottsdale night, absolutely stripin’ nine irons and I walk past a handful of beers with the tops straight ripped off. What blew my mind was how clean the rip was. Looked like an absolute pro took their time with a god damn can opener.

My buddy Kenward must’ve spotted my bewilderment. He approached and said something along the lines of, “How bout this Move dude.” Picking up one of the scalped beer cans. We were both amazed, curious, even a little scared… At least I was anyway. “Yeah man.. He does this all the time,” said Kenward. I was shook. Kenward knew this person! I responded quickly, “Who?” Kenward pointed over to good ole @featherstonerusty who was in the middle of flushing a 7-iron. I should’ve known. I had the pleasure of sharing an office space with Mr. Featherstone during the summer of 2022 and would never put a savvy Move past him. Guy’s as cagey as they come. I had to see it live and I did… Just a beautiful thing.

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