Leave the Door Open.

Leave the Door Open. OG Write Up: First off, wanna give a shoutout to @knightstagramm for putting this back on my radar. I distinctively remember seeing this go down and thinking, “What a Move. Write it down. Dude you’re at a movie you’ll remember it” and I didn’t remember it, so thanks @knightstagramm

Now I’m gonna be honest, I’m not smooth enough for a Move like this. Not in my DNA and you know what… I’m ok with that. Sometimes you gotta take a step back and realize you’re not a guy that can get 20 everynight. Teams need 3 and D role players too.

Seriously man, when it comes to the goodbye/“Hey wanna come inside and play Mario Kart” moment I usually stumble. I don’t completely butcher the situation but there’s not a whole lot of smooth to my game. Maybe it’s because I try and use my words as opposed to a physical action that insights a, “Wanna come inside for a little Jai Paul and makeout sesh?”

I need that in my life. A Jennifer Connelly visual tip of the cap. A modern day, “Do you like me? Yes or No?” note. It’s a lot better than a, “Hey so I got Cheez Its and Coors Lights if you wanna come inside and kick it.” Don’t get me wrong a straight up honest audible invitation can play but you lose some of that “oh it’s about to go down” tension.

This exact Move isn’t for me. I’m usually not getting dropped off on a motorcycle and my Hinge date most likely won’t watch me walk inside my apartment. Plus the lighting around my door is atrocious, she won’t even be able to see if the door is open or not. But as far as a physical invitation for some Attack on Titan and EDM think there’s something there and I think it Could Be The Move.

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