Spill a Little Water on Yourself and Don’t Mention It.

Swagger jacked this move from the Offensive Line Coach for the Cleveland Browns. “That’s so random, Bobby!” Yeah, kind of but the Browns did have a show centered around them this year on HBO called, “Hard Knocks”. “Bobby we know what Hard Knocks is.” Well some people don’t. So like umm… back off please. Anyways this grizzly old timer with a straight up walrus mustache got tossed a water bottle at the end of practice and  homeboy took a hard couple swings. The swigs were so aggressive that a bunch of  water ended up dribbling on his shirt. No big deal though right? I mean the guy is outside, it’s probably hot as well, nobody said, “Hey Coach! You spilled water on yourself!.” No harm/no foul. I’m thinking the move is doing this in a setting where it might be more socially unacceptable to spill water on yourself. Say work or when you’re out to eat. The key to this move is ignoring the fact that the water spillage occurred and if/when someone calls you out, “Dude. You just spilled water all over yourself.” Hit em with a, “Umm… Yeah it’s just water, Frank.” Poor ole Franky won’t know what to do. I’d recommend pulling this move off when you’re the center of attention. Go for a sip mid story or something. Also, it’s a lot more clutch if you’re wearing a grey shirt; the water spillage will be much more pronounced. Spill a Little Water on Yourself and Don’t Mention It. Could Be The Move.

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