The Idea of Surfing

Surfing is a great experience. You’re out with nature, you’re catching some rays, you’re checking out the bebs, life doesn’t get much better. The only problem is surfing is hard as shit. I’ve only been 10-15 times and I can barely stand up.  If a coupla bebs witness you flopping all over the place it’s going to look bad. Which is why this is the move…. Head out to the break, start waxing your board, ask the bebs how it’s breaking. Start throwing some terminology at em’, “Heard it’s been mushy.” Keep on waxing and hit em’ with, “It’ll probably be better in an hour. Might snag a burrito.” Get a number. Boom. The Idea of Surfing. Could Be The Move.

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8 Responses to The Idea of Surfing

  1. Tony Robbins says:

    Plus people look at you different when you roll into the office Monday and hit em with… “Caught a couple waves.” The looks is a mix of envy, deep attraction and anxiety…. Yes a very potent mix.

  2. ChutGot22 says:

    I love the guys that just stare into the ocean and say obvious things like, “Tide’s low.”

  3. Killinthegame says:

    I’ve always like the idea of becoming a coke head. Never pulled through with it but it seems like a strong play.

  4. Yuppers says:

    It’s just like those bros in the gym who rip up their bi’s and just stare at themselves in the mirror.

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