The Linkedin Hack

The Facebook Hack… We’ve all been there: A quick birthday change, a status about performing fallacio on several men,  several perverted back door messages. I remember telling my buddy a very provocative story in college and two days later the entire story was under my religious views. All strong plays at the time. Keyword time…. Maybe I’ve matured recently but it seems The Facebook Hack has slowly evolved into a busch move. I’m thinking the new move is The Linkedin Hack. The key to this move is the subtleness. Once you’ve accessed your buddies’ profile (shouldn’t be difficult, nobody signs out of their Linkedin profile) go to the bottom and add a skill. Say, “Tipping Cab Drivers” “Bumpin Wu-Tang” “Consuming 7-11 Nacho Cheese” “Quoting American Psycho”. Add 1-2 skills and call it a day. So easy.

The best part about the hack is within a couple days Linkedin will ask his connections to endorse him at “Drinking 3/4’s of a Beer”. He’ll soon be killing the endorsement game. The Linkedin Hack, Could Be The Move.


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