Watching “The Game” at a Winery

It’s game 7, your boys are down, they’re fightin’, they’re scratchin’, they’re diggin’, each possession has you on edge. Games like this are agonizing. Where you choose to watch a game like this speaks volumes to what kind of person you truly are. Introverts tend to experience games like this alone. Snag a quick sixer, post up on the couch, hit a quick power-nap during intermission. Extroverts on the other hand tend to enjoy a rowdy atmosphere. Head to the local bar, get some mozzarella sticks, tackle the daily drink specials. For the most part, those are your only two options: home or bar. Well my friends, last week I witnessed a pioneer. A modern day renegade, a man that stared down the status-quo and dared to dream….. Homeboy was watching Ducks vs. Blackhawks Game 7 at a Winery. Not only was he watching, but he was alone, and losing his fucking mind. The place had one T.V. a box T.V. the thing might as well have had an antenna on it. I didn’t notice him at first, I had more important things to worry about (cab vs. merlot). Suddenly, “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” I turn my head and there he was. Hands above his head. Celebrating a Jonathan Toews goal. As his excitement began to fizzle, he sat back down, and slowly sipped his Pinot. One glass, one bottle, Game 7, in the zone, Could Be The Move.

Now this move intrigues me….. I mean no guy in his right mind would ever go to a Winery to watch, “The Game”. Especially by himself. If this is actually his move he is either extremely soft and/or has some serious issues. BUT the beauty and genius behind this move is how homeboy wound up huddled around a 1990’s T.V. watching his beloved Blackhawks go up 1-0. Below are some details on what could’ve happened. Hence making this move legendary.

Let’s call this guy John. Why was John there? Did his wife drag him into this? Was it one of those deathly girlfriend outings? One of those shin-digs where the girls speak in a foreign language riddled with inside jokes and mentions of lovers past? A gathering of detached boyfriends scrambling for small-talk subjects other than weather or traffic? Did John beg and plead with his wife to skip this outing? “Everyone’s significant other will be there, John. We’ve been planning this for months.” As he pulled into the parking lot of the Winery did he check his phone and see a SnapChat of his buddies gathered at a bar decked out in Blackhawks gear with a caption that read, “Marriage sounds fun.” As John walked into the winery did his eyes light up realizing there was a T.V. in the corner? Did his wife give him the, “Don’t even think about it” look? Was John a trooper? Did he politely listen to some bozo’s radical political views? Did he fake laugh at some story of how another couple met? Did his wife spill the beans and mention how John has been privately working on starting his own business? Clearly distraught that his wife put him on the spot did he vaguely give mention to what his business is all about?  Was everyone extremely confused at the idea? Did he try to explain further? Only to be interrupted by a smart ass comment from the bozo with radical political views? Did John get pissed off? Did he make an unreal comeback of how the bozo must not have any friends believing what he believes? Did John elaborate further on how his business idea makes complete sense? Was everyone intimidated by John’s intelligence? Once John finished laying down the hammer, did he, in dramatic fashion, stand up and go, “Sorry I must excuse myself. I’m going to go watch, “The Game”. Did he get himself a bottle, post up in front of the T.V. throw on, “The Game” knowing that his wife is going to make his life a living hell for the next 3 months? God I hope so. I also hope when he left the group there was a strong 7 second awkward silence. I also hope the silence was broken by a boyfriend asking, “What game is he talking about?” Followed by a deathly stare from John’s girlfriend. Now something like that, Could Be The Move.

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