Golf Lesson. Mug.

We got BritGolfDad. An absolute MUST follow. Just a cagey vet sharing his golf knowledge. So far in two of his videos Pro’s holding a mug. Check him out: Cool, calm, casual. The mug, the cardigan. Just the overall vibe. No way this dude has ever shot over 68.. Even starts one of his videos with a strong sip. Lot of people would’ve cut out the sip but not this stud. It’s everything. It’s a, I got this, I’m chillin, I know more than you but not in an arrogant way..” If you’re a golf pro, or a golfer who’s looking to teach your friend how to play make sure to hold a mug and take long sip before going into a lesson. Trust me. Your student will be impressed. Could Be The Move.

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