Singing The Background Vocals.

Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 7.51.14 AMSinging The Background Vocals. Move by: Jackie. Damn…. Thought I was the only one tbh. The reason why I personally like doing this is because a lot of times I feel like the bassist/harmonizer/backup singer doesn’t get the credit they deserve. Guy or girl’s out there on the side layering the song with subtle textures yet everyone is fixated on the lead.

Here’s a sure fire way to get a laugh. When a song is playing that you know kills it in the background vocals department hit your buddy with a, “Check me out.” Then absolutely CRUSH the background vocal. My go to is Green Day Longview. I hit em’ with a little, “By Myyyyself.” Taking Back Sunday is also unstoppable in the background vocals department. If you have any other tunes/bands with bomb background vocals let me know. Singing The Background Vocals. Could Be The Move.

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