Telling Chicks You’re Engaged When You’re Not

Every guy knows, for whatever reason, woman are attracted to men who are taken. Why? … Who knows. I mean I could get specific and pick apart the psychology of a woman’s brain or we could take it for what it is and begin taking advantage of this psychological phenomenon. With that being said let’s start making moves.

A group of girls huddle together at the end of the bar. Judging by their close knit pow-wow they are scared to death and waiting for a confident male to take charge. They need a leader, a quarterback to call a play and head out to the line of scrimmage. Looking around at the group of friends you rolled with you realize you’re the only playmaker on the team. Sure some guys bring the energy, some guys can close but only a handful can make plays. Once you’ve accepted the role as the playmaker slam your drink and say something hard like, “Time to party.” Bring the shoulders back and confidently strut to the group of girls… Wait until they notice you standing by them, once they begin looking in your direction ask this very important question. “So who’s the leader here?” Watch as they fight for dominance… Quickly interrupt their banter with “Ok well there’s a bunch of single guys over there and if you want a bunch of free drinks I’d suggest going over there. Listen I’d love to buy you guys a round but my Fiance wouldn’t like that to munch.” Boom, now they’re longer threatened by a dude talking to them and for whatever reason they’ll be more attracted to you. Good move right?… Or you could just get really hammered with your boys and watch another bro approach the birdies talkin’ bought INVESTMENT BANKING OR SOME SHIT! That’s why Telling Chicks You’re Engaged When You’re Not COULD BE THE MOVE!

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