Band T-Shirts On Bebs

After spending a Saturday night in and spending most of my time stalking hot girls I used to know via social media… I came across a “gram” (Gram- Picture on Instagram) that caught my attention. My thumb stopped an overzealous scroll and I landed on a picture of my best “girl-friend”. Now for the most part I don’t believe in guys and girls being friends…. Just doesn’t seem right. Being friends with a girl, especially a hot one, can only lead to one of two things. Sooner or later someone will get turned down or someone will end up “turning” gay. So far neither has happened, although I did order a Carmel Macchiato at Starbucks the other day. Anyway she’s very attractive and she posted a picture of her wearing a Jimi Hendrix shirt. The caption said, “Excuse me while I kiss the sky.” …. Now ladies, you want to talk about a move… Band T-Shirts. Forget about that low cut dress you saw at Express, forget about that sophisticated J. Crew mannequin calling your name, forget about those boots you saw some girl wearing on the subway which you loved so much but couldn’t muster up enough courage to ask where she got them from. Forget about all that non-sense. You want to attract a guy… Especially 25 year old wannabe hipsters who have blogs and podcasts that nobody reads or listens to… That’s the move. Ladies… It’s simple… by wearing a band t-shirt you’re in a way, wrapping your beauty with a layer of sound.. And not just any sound… Try some of the greatest sounds this world will ever hear. Now anytime you are in my visual radar not only am I immersed in your beauty (Fuck that was a good line) but I also begin to hear my subconscious bring Jimi back to life…. A babe + A Legendary Band = Could Be The Move. @couldbethemove #cbtm

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