Calling Someone a “Snooze Button”

People can be dumb, stupid, retarded, idiotic, moronic, lame etc. When describing these types of people we naturally choose names such as dumb-ass, fuck-up and shit-head to describe them. Choosing “dumb-ass” to describe someone is a habitual action; a habit most of us picked up from our 6th grade baseball coach. The only problem with “dumb-ass” and “fuck-up” is everyone uses it and it’s a bit generic. Next time you are with you’re friends and you start talking about some lazy good for nothing acquaintance chime in with, “The guy is a Snooze-Button!” It will be the first time your friends have heard the insult but TRUST ME they’ll know exactly what it means. No hard working American has ever achieved greatness by whacking the snooze button in the morning. The snooze button is for hungover college kids and those receiving government benefits. Don’t be a Snooze Button… but call lame people Snooze Buttons. Calling someone a Snooze Button, Could Be The Move.

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