Sending A Fake Wrong Text Message

Texting has taken over my life. I consider texting my #1 form of communication between my friends. It’s a great way to get information quickly without having to fumble around with a standard phone conversation. You can also have 3-4 text message conversations at once and you can quickly interchange one conversation for another. Occasionally I’ll slip up and send the wrong text message to someone else; it’s an honest mistake that happens to everyone and is always cleaned up with a simple apology, “Sorry wrong text”. After several wrong texts I decided to incorporate it as one of my new moves; I’ll explain. Imagine receiving a text message from your best friend, “I say we follow him home, stick a gun in his mouth and shake em up a little bit.” Followed by, “Oops wrong text.” Or an even better move is send the most hard core dirty talk conversation to one of your buddies followed by, “Oops wrong text.” I would give you an example but I’ll let your imagination run wild. You can also send over a pathetic girlfriend text, “Baby honey boo, I miss smooching those soft cuddling lips of yours.” The possibilities are endless and it’s an original way to get a quick laugh. Sending a fake wrong text message, COULD BE THE MOVE!

– Bobby D.

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  1. JB says:

    Alright, I’ll be the first to admit it. I got got. My buddy hit me with this move and I literally had no idea. “Why has your phone been going off at 2am recently”? I hit him with a question mark. “Oh, sorry man, that was supposed to go to my girl. She’s been acting shady as fuck lately”. I said it’s cool then asked why she’s been shady. He says, “Shady like making a website of dickhead moves. One of which I just pulled on you”. Fuck, well-played Vick. Cheers to you!

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