Water Shots

Since drinks are cheap at happy hour, your friends will all get at least one drink, sometimes two, but they won’t have too many because they all drove their car to the bar directly from work. Once your friends have had their one or two (or six depending on the degenerate co-worker), go to the bar and buy a round of shots. You will naturally get some pushback from you co-workers. “I don’t like tequila” or “Dude, I can’t take a shot, I drove here!”.

Go back to the bar and ask the bartender for another round of shots, but this time, ask the bartender to fill all the shot glasses with WATER. Bring the “shots” to your friends for “round 2” and let them know that these “vodka” shots are GREAT. Rest assured that you will now get a copious amount of pushback from your friends and basically everyone will refuse. It’s understandable because EVERYONE drove and you’re now asking them to take a second shot, causing them to hang around for a while or maybe even take a cab, find a ride, drive whilst inebriated, etc.

Keep badgering your friends to take the shots. The pressure will likely get to about half your party, with the other half refusing. Here comes the moment: half the party who supports your habit of irresponsible drinking hoists up the shots and takes them down. Less than two seconds later, enjoy the confusion, grins and relief on their faces. “Oh my god dude, that was water. THANK GOD.” All you can say at that point is, “Hmm, I guess I know who my TRUE friends are.”

Water Shots, Could Be The Move.

– Patrick (Encinitas, CA)

– Move Executed By: Madison (Carlsbad, CA)

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