Getting Mad Over The Color Shirt Someone Is Wearing

Everyone has their favorite color. If you ask someone, “What’s your favorite color?” Most of the time they’ll put on that stupid, “I’m Not Sure Let Me Over-Think It And Spew Out 4 Colors That I Like But Never Actually Answer The God Damn Question” act. I’m guilty of pulling off that move. I mean shit! There are so many dope colors out there how can you possibly select one? That’s where the move kicks in… Who: A Strong Acquaintance Where: Work/Bar Step #1: Put on your pissed off face and wait until someone tries to draw your attention. When the moment comes give them a classic fuck off look and shake your head at the idea of having a conversation with them. If they ignore you great, if they ask, “What’s wrong?” Hit em’ with, “Not now.” Step #2: Once this Strong Acquaintance has sat back down at his/her desk give it two minutes and then approach, “Hey, sorry about before it’s just…. You always wear *insert color of shirt they are wearing* They’ll clearly be confused, “What?” Come back at them hard, “Don’t play dumb with me. Can you just do me a favor and stop wearing blue, it pisses everyone off in the office. I mean hell I’m paranoid to wear blue because I know you and I will have that stupid ‘Hey look I’m wearing blue you’re wearing blue conversation’. A STRONG PLAY is to get the person sitting next to them in on the move. “Am I right Tom?” …. Tom: “He’s right… Why don’t you just lay off the blue.” Now you’ve created an uncomfortable feeling in the room… Which is always fun. Getting Mad Over the Color Shirt Someone Is Wearing, Could Be The Move.

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