Leave the Jacket On In a Do or Die Moment.

I’m locked in with my wedding routine. When the I do’s are done: I mingle, slam some drinks, sit down, take off my jacket, eat, cut up some rug, go to a random bar or hotel room, drink some more, pass out. The key to my routine is taking off my jacket at the right time. I look good in a suit, straight up. Only downside is the jacket tends to be a touch restrictive. I like having a full range of motion when I’m eating and I without a doubt need this motion when I’m on the dance floor. Meanwhile, the two guys in Squid Game are leaving their jackets on in a do or die, fight till the death, nobody’s watching, competition. 

Bro, are you fucking kidding me? Dude, if I was playing a game with my life on the line I might take off my pants. Need to be free, need to be loose, I can’t feel any tug as I’m trying to stab my opponent.. These two guys on the other hand are all buttoned up and suave like they’re about to film a cologne commercial. In all fairness, they could’ve been going for the James Bond, John Wick swag… Which at the end of the day is a complete joke. Imagine what James Bond and John Wick could accomplish wearing some non-restrictive Lululemons.

I’m torn on this Move. If there was a large audience watching and the fight would be discussed for generations…. Yeah, I’d respect leaving the jacket on. But when the only people watching are a couple Zuckerburgs and Besoses (Besoses? I’m rolling with it) get comfortable, get loose, stay alive. About 2 minutes in they both end up taking off their jackets but still man… This Move could’ve costed em’. A part of me does respect it though. If my do or die opponent left his jacket on at the start of the competition it would 1000% rattle me.  Leave the Jacket On In a Do or Die Moment. Could Be The Move.

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