Wear Your Own Jersey to the Bar.

Not gonna try and act holier here. There was a time in college when I legit thought about wearing my flag football jersey to the bar after putting on an absolute clinic in the championship game. I bailed but the thought was there. 

Now let’s raise the stakes. I’m the number 1 pick in the NFL draft, I hit up a happy hour with my buddies, polish off 5 Coors Lights, we place a last minute bet on ASU football +6.5. We decide the play is my spot then roll over to the bars. My place is absolutely buzzin’:. Connoisseur on the aux, ASU just covered, we get a team shotgun going’. Uber’s five minutes out, “Dude you should wear your jersey.” “Nahhh c’mon man.” The peer pressure begins. Everyone’s gassing you up, trying to get you to throw on the jersey. Two moves here, laugh it off and roll out. Possibly say some funny line to fizzle the peer pressure flames. Or…..  Or you say no for the 6th time, run upstairs “to go to the bathroom”… “Uber’s here!” You roll down with your jersey on and the place explodes. 

Not saying this is how it went down but I think it’s important to keep your mind open as to why someone pulls off a certain Move. Did he throw it on for a squad giggle? Or was it to send a message? “My town now Kobe” (rip). However you slice it and dice it… I’m thinking it Could Be The Move.

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