Never Fist Bump Anyone Ever Again

It’s Tuesday at 2:34, you’re at work (of course), you’re walking throughout the hallways trying to kill the remaining hour and 30 minutes of your sluggish work day. Suddenly the office “cool guy” comes zipping around the corner. The two of you make eye contact, he shouts, “Bobbbbbyyyy how’s it going?” “Eh you know.” You know? You don’t even know what you know; I digress. As your respective walking directions cross, he lends his fist out for a friendly fist bump. Most average human beings would dap him up and think nothing of it. Well guess what? You aren’t average anymore and the new move is to never fist bump anyone. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all about dappin people up properly with a slap or a slap and slide. Some people like the slap, slide and pound but you’re not “some people” anymore. GET CREATIVE! Make a unique dap with your buddies but leave the fist bump out of it. Some tool created that move 10 years ago and it’s awful! It’s not effectionate, creative, original or cool. IT’S AWFUL! Never fist bump anyone ever again. COULD BE THE MOVE!

– Bobby D.

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  1. Phil says:

    Good call! Guy at my work fist bumps all the time. He’s got a lobster claw for a right hand so it’s awkward. I’m down with no more fist bumps! Keep the moves coming!

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