Getting Overly Jacked Up When Your Friend Succeeds

This move is very simple so I’m going to keep it short, which is rare for me. Today’s move is all about getting jacked up over things that happen to people in your life that have extremely little or zero impact on you. I’ll give you an example. Your buddy tells you he just won a few bucks playing online poker. Good for him, right? Yes, but rather than just congratulate him you should get in his face and go nuts. “WHAT?!?! FIVE BUCKS?!?! MAKE IT RAIN!!!!” You should get in his face, shake him up and slap him a few times. If he doesn’t push you away then you’re not intense enough. That’s pretty much it honestly. Whether it’s money from online poker, a good grade on a test, or a promotion at work you need to show your friend you really care. Get in his face and go wild! Hell, take it a step further if you want. Get creative. Freaking out on your friends minor successes for no beneficial reason for you, COULD BE THE MOVE!

– JB

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