Buying Those Weird Infomercial Coins.

IMG-2068Today I matured as a human being…. It was a beautiful moment. I was at home sick flipping through the channels and spotted an infomercial for a Silver Double Eagle $2 Coin. At first I thought, “Boom. Meme time…. This infomercial, some old guy running to the phone. ‘Boomers be like….’ Fame. Here I come!” Then I backtracked a tad, “Wait a sec man. This is some guy’s Move out there. Let’s not knock a whole generation… Let’s embrace it.” So that’s what I’m doing, I’m embracing the dude who dials the 1-800 number and orders those fucking coins. What a legend! Buying money! Let’s go!

So yeah, I’m thinking this is my new Move. Buying these commemorative coins and giving them away as gifts. Bachelor party: The boy’s are buying the Bachelor shots/beers/lap-dances not me man. I’m giving him a coin, little pamphlet to go with it.  “Mike, I got you a little something. A Silver Double Eagle $2 coin. These are very rare, Mike. Only 1,000 were offered to the public. Here’s a pamphlet with everything you need to know about this one of a kind collectible.” What a Move.

An even better Move might be to buy one, get a little display case for it and put it on your desk at work. People come by, “What’s that?” Then you go into the spiel, “Glad you asked, Tom. Back in 2012 the US Department of Treasury….” If Tom doesn’t understand the humor in that Move than he is weak. Buying Those Weird Infomercial Coins. Could Be The Move.

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