Being Radically Real

Radically RealFor the record my new move is to type the move into Google Images and take the first image that pops up. Looks like David C. Weiss alright wrote about this move. Hopefully I won’t get sued. I mean it would be bad-ass but I really don’t have the money for a legal battle.

The world is filled with fake people. JB already explained to us in MOVE #15 that nobody really cares how you are doing when they ask, “How are you doing?” Maybe being real is the new way to go. Quit the fake laughing, quit the stupid pounds with people you don’t like, quit the “I’m doing well response.” Just roll with every real thought you have. My buddy who gave me the idea called it being “radically transparent”. Doesn’t surprise me from my buddy, he’s the type of guy who says he went to Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech). Since I appreciate the move I’ll call this act being radically real. Why not go up to a girl and say, “Listen you’re hot. I dig it. If you don’t have any personality I’ll probably just try to get laid tonight. If you have a great personality. We could fall in love and this moment will last forever in our memories. Either way lemme’ buy you a drink and see where it takes us.” Sounds like a ballsy play but who knows COULD BE THE MOVE! I mean think about it. It worked for Ron Livingston in Office Space, not to mention that when you are with your best friends you are always being radically real. You don’t laugh at dumb jokes, you aren’t politically correct, you don’t catch yourself before dropping ‘f’ bombs, you are being radically real and having more fun than you could have with any other group of people (unless your friends suck). Take that radically real mindset and bring it to the real world. Being radically real, who knows, COULD BE THE MOVE!

Bobby D.

Move by Virginia Polytech

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