Acting As A College Coach At High School Football Games

So Halloween was yesterday, a day where millions of people around the world are dressed up as other people to feel cooler for a day – what an idea! There must be a way to keep this cool feeling throughout the year. Our moves are all about being creative and cool so this next move will harness both of our ideals. What time of your life was being cool the most important thing — high school!!! In this move you become the coolest person in the stands of a high school football game without being a creep. The move that you and your buddies pull is to go to high school football games as college football coaches looking for the next top recruits. Your crew goes head to toe with different college teams’ apparel (USC, Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Washington, Vanderbilt, or Texas) posing as their recruiting director. Other accessories needed are clipboards, video cameras, and personalized business cards. During the game you go up to random parents and students and ask, “How is Wilson playing this year? Is he still telegraphing his passes? Is he looking off the free safety?” This totally throws them off guard and suddenly they think they are analyzing their son’s best friend’s ability to pick up the blitz to the head of USC recruiting. Throughout the game maybe you go up to get a hot dog and people stare at you and wonder who you are there for. After the game you even go up to the starting junior linebacker and say, “Hey kid, you decide to take this offseason seriously and live in the weight room, then give me a call next fall and we will talk.” This is a great move that gets your confidence up and allows you to live in a fantasy world every 25 year old wants to be doing. Acting as a college football coach at local high school football games – COULD BE THE MOVE!


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    So when can I post my own move on your site? I have a few “Killer” moves like Jagger that I want to share.

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      Haha I’ve always wanted to start something off like that. Anyway, yes, I would be happy to oblige your request. Send your move(s) to We will read them and then post in the near future. We look forward to seeing your moves! Thanks for the feedback.

      Respectfully yours,


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    Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid- John 14:27

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