E-Z UP to Keep the Sun Off Your Car.

Move via Twitter: jordanhaider Hot cars are Chop. Seatbelt always burns me, gotta play hot potato with the melting steering wheel, the first two seconds of AC scorches my face. Grind. Sure there are ways to prevent this: parking in the shade, those aluminum reflector things, leave your car running with the AC on full blast. Honestly, until today, thought those were the only three methods…. Then this crazy mother fucker comes along.

You wanna talk about hard hat and shovel, a guy addicted to the grind, look no further. Is he doing too much? Maybe, but still man I respect it. Guy like me just complains, doesn’t do shit. This guy got sick of the seatbelt scorch. Said, “Shiiiiet…. a quick 15 minute set up and that bitch ass hot seatbelt is out of my life.” Gritty. E-Z Up to Keep the Sun Off Your Car. Could Be The Move.

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