Indoor Tents

Shoutout to @ryanwenslau for sending this Move in. Bro sprung up a deep childhood memory. Sad it was buried. Brain said, “Nah… Fuck those indoor tent days. Here’s a dissapointing stike out with the bases loaded moment instead.” (3rd grade. Full count. Guessed slider. Homeboy gassed me inside with 94.)

The visual, the feel, the spontaneity of an indoor tent always felt perfect. Add excitement to a Wednesday night. Pitch up some new energy and give your brain a fresh cycle. Could be riding it too hard. “Glazing” as the kids say. Trying too hard to be poetic about a fucking indoor tent. All I know is I vividly remember my first indoor tent experience. Was a thrill. Downstairs, watched a movie, think my Mom tried to scare me. Just adorable stuff. Need this energy in my life. Currently don’t own a tent but $40 and a couple clicks on Amazon and I’ll be dialed. Have a couple brews, watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and call it a day. Indoor Tents. Could Be The Move.

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  1. Brock says:

    I got an over-the-pants HJ in an indoor tent in HS. A TV was set up inside playing Kill Bill vol. 2.

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