Official NFL Game Ball in the Living Room.

Always appreciated the classic, “Living room football toss” Move. Just a couple guys watching the game, drinking some brews, slinging it back and forth. Hell I could do it for hours.

“Why’s Del Rio scared of blitzing?” “Nah 2nd foot’s not in.” “How’d that Hinge date go?” Just guy’s being dudes.

Never thought the quality of football really mattered here. Flat, faux leather, nerf who cares! Let the boys cook! Right?…

Cut to: Me and a couple guys from work at the Ram’s training camp. Nice people, showed us around, pulled Puka Nakua aside for a quick interview and hooked us up with an, “Official The Duke Not Fucking Around Game Ball”. Next thing you know we’re back in the office slingin’ it. Lil’ brainstorm, lil’ “Bro hit me!”, just guys being dudes. After partaking in that first office toss I immediately concluded the, “Living room/office football toss” Move was dramatically more enjoyable with an actual game ball. The way it leaves your hands, the way it hits your hands, the pop it makes after giving it a Tom Brady pre-throw pat. Trust me… It’s beautiful.

After about the 8th office toss I realized I needed my own. Keep it around the apartment, something to work in while watching the Orioles, something to toss up while on the phone with the gf. No exaggeration, one of the best purchases I’ve made in years. Feels amazing, smells amazing it’s like a jock fidget spinner. Dialing in to-do lists, watching the 4th quarter of Sunday Night Football, taking a quick break from writing blog posts, always have this thing on me. Tossin’ it up, breaking it in, nervously putting it up to my face while sweating out a bet. I tell you what man… This NFL Official Game Ball (that I’ve yet to name) in my Living Room Could Be The Move.

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