Joint On the Plane.

Have always respected stoners. Like the everyday, smoke weed and go throughout the day type. It’s a lifestyle that’s nearly impossible for me to grasp. Sure, I’ve had my stints with smoking weed (haven’t smoked in years) but every time I did it was a, “knockout watch movies/listen to music/eat everything in sight” sesh. The idea of smoking weed, going out in public and experiencing even an ounce of stress sounded like an absolute panic attack. How some of my friends would rip a bowl during lunch and go back to answering customer service calls was beyond me.

Dude here seems like he’s got that in his DNA. Lil post flight joint, hop into an Uber and straight chill. One man’s vibe is another man’s panic attack.

The guy who took this pic emphasized he didn’t light the joint (how wild would that be?) but still. The vibe, the message you’re sending and even the look is pretty sick. People look dope with joints in their mouth, don’t care what those anti drug commercials say.

As for it being the Move… I mean probably not but I will say this. Imagine you and a couple buddies take off from Baltimore and land in West Palm Beach for a little golf trip. The boys are buzzin’, an hour or two away from throwing the bags down and crackin’ a couple cold ones. Only issue is you gotta wait 10-15 to get off the plane and head into the final strech of the journey. Instead of microscopically picking apart everyone’s plane exit strategy, reach into your carry on, bust out a joint, cig, etc. throw it in the mouth and get the boys giggling. High risk? Sure, I guess, have no idea what the state by state cannabis laws are but yeah could make the boys laugh, get em’ buzzin’ and with that being said Could Be The Move.

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