Chair at the DMV

Could be wrong but I feel like this is a Move a lot of people have thought about. A Move that’s often brought up as a quick side joke, “Look at this line. Should’ve brought a chair.” But when the moment comes, as you walk out the door, you never think… “Man… I should really bring a chair.”

Not sure how to categorize this type of Move. Cagey? Sure. Original? Not really. And I don’t mean that out of disrespect. It’s a great Move, it makes a lot of sense, I”ve heard people talk about it but executed? Not really. Similar vibes to when I was in college and about 15 people told me their plan was to get a family style picture taken and hung up in their apartment. How many family style pictures did I see my Sr. year? 0.

Chances are extremely low JT’s heard of Could Be The Move. Then again, who knows, maybe Top 25 golfer in the world Abraham Ancer mentioned it to him. Shoutout . But I have so many questions for him. What kind of chair was it? How long was the line? Was there some sort of reading material involved or was my man just sitting and staring off? Was the chair worth it or did the line Move pretty quick? Either way, at the end of the day, here’s a guy executing.

Sure, I’m a sucker for breaking down Moves that no normal human being should ever attempt. It’s fun, there’s a satirical element to it and the imagination gets stimulated. As for Moves that seem obvious, are easy to execute and dare I say inspiring… Well I tend to shy away. Thank you homie who brought the chair to the DMV and thank you JT for documenting .God bless.

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