Food Review. Eat Club. Vietnamese Peanut Noodles w/Chicken.

They say good things come in 3’s sadly this was not the case for my 3rd experience with Eat Club. I decided to order the Cold Vietnamese Peanut Noodles thinking the 4.3 rating would live up to the hype. Unfortunately my taste buds did not line up with the vast majority of the eaters. I prefer my chicken and noodles hot so this was somewhat of a risky order for a traditionalist like myself. As I opened my meal the lack of trademark steam that tickled my nose with the first two orders was not there which came as a disappointment. After my first bite I rated it a 4.3. I blame this quick/rookie rating on the excitement of being around my friends after a brutal morning of work. The noodles were average at best. The sauce was sweet and flavorful. It actually ended up being the highlight of the dish…. This is never a good thing in the cuisine world but I digress. As I dug deeper into the dish I came face to face with a big ole cold piece of chicken. The over-flavored chicken did not pair well with the already flavor stealing mint flakes that littered the meal. All in all the 4.3 rating did not live up the hype and for that I felt let down. My verbiage and tone may give off the impression that my rating will sink down to the 2’s but I give it a 3.6 but rank it a 3 star for the underwhelming feeling I was left with throughout the day.

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