Food Review. Eat Club. Smoked Salmon Nicoise.

After my disappointing meal last week I was hoping for some redemption on Eat Club’s end; today I received just that. Now a good ole meat and potatoes boy like myself has never experienced a Nicoise dish before. In fact I didn’t even know how to pronounced it let alone eat it. “Do I eat it like a salad?” “Do I eat the ingredients separately”. Hello Culture Shock. I decided to mix certain ingredients together which ended up providing a different bite throughout the meal. (Is this right? Please comment below if you have experience with Nicoise meals.) As for my experience, this dish had everything. The dill sauce was delightful. Most amateur dill sauces fall into the dreaded “too much dill” trap. This sauce however avoided this mistake and thrived because of it. The green beans were fresh. The olives, magnificent. The lettuce, crispy. The egg, well, it’s the best a hard boiled egg can do in a packaged dish. As for the rock-star, the man/woman they came to see, the salmon. The salmon tasted like salmon. Which again, in a packaged meal is saying a lot. Kudos to Eat Club in delivering a tremendous meal. Would highly recommend. 4.3 rating.

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