Food Review. Eat Club. Butter Chicken.

This was my second experience with Eat Club and yet again I was amazed with the companies ability to keep the dish warm on arrival. Listen to me ramble about the temperature of my dish…. I digress. As I peeled back the plastic a wave of steam caressed my face. The sweet/salty smells followed leaving my mouth more salivated then one of Pavlov’s dogs. A slight sense of intimation flowed through my veins as I heard a fellow Butter Chicken orderer talk about the spiciness of the dish. Even with warnings signs in my path I pushed ahead and was treated with a traditional Butter Chicken meal. The flavors were everything you expect from a Butter Chicken dish and the Naan. Oh boy the Naan was fantastic. Yes. I would order again but No it was not better than the Mexicali Stuff Pepper that I had last week. Official rating. 4.1.

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