Food Review. Eat Club. Tonkotsu Trepper Ramen Bowl.

After reading the rave reviews of the Vietnamese Noodles last week I decided to test out a noodley dish of my own. I chose the Tonkotsu Trepper Ramen Bowl. Now, little back story on my history with Ramen, I’m a regular at a local Ramen restaurant. No big deal. They know my order. No big deal. I often have extended conversation with the staff about topics other than food and weather. Again not a big deal. So to say I know a thing or two about Ramen would be an understatement.

The order was in B5. Again slight bend over to retrieve my meal. .1 deducted. I took off the lid and noticed there was a little instruction list a-top the pork broth mixture thingy. It instructed me on how to create my meal. “Add water until it’s 1 inch from the top.” I went over to the coffee machine. Pressed, “Hot Water” and stood there for about 2 minutes filling my bowl. I could sense the curious/disgusted looks from my co-workers as I was preparing my dish. This would usually leave my rattled and shook but not today. Why? Because when Noon strikes on a Tuesday I’m in the effin’ zone. The noodles were advertised as bouncy and they were just that. The broth lacked any spice or punch so I added a hefty amount of Sriracha. The pork was delicious, it had that soft, melt in your mouth texture that we all know and love. The only downside was the egg. It tasted like someone picked it up from a 7-11 down the road and Kobe’d it into the dish. All in all though, a solid meal. As for the experience, my co-workers expected a hefty mark down because I had to assemble my meal but you know what, I enjoyed preparing my meal. In fact it made me feel alive and for a moment…. Just for a moment I felt like an Eat Club chef #goals. Meal: 3.7 Experience: 3.8 (-.1 slight bend to retrieve the meal) (+.2 making me feel like an Eat Club chef).

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