Food Review. Eat Club. Chicken Tostada Salad. 1.

I’ve heard oh so much about this dish. “I get it all the time.” – Coworker “Just a solid meal!” – Coworker “If it was a baseball player it would be Derek Jeter.” – Coworker. It’s even the highest rated meal on Eat Club. Last time I had a meal with this much hype and anticipation was my first encounter with Howlin’ Rays. In short, this dish was a letdown. Tons of dressing, yes. Crispy lettuce, yes. Flavorful chicken, yes. This meal had all the ingredients that constructs a solid salad but something was off. Maybe it was the clump of cheese that took some fork maneuvering to break up. Maybe it was the ole sneaky the jicama pulled on me… Thought it was chicken on my fork, nope not a bland piece of chicken but jicama. Or maybe it’s my contrarian personality that I’m certainly aware of but todays Eat Club experience was disappointing. Meal: 3.9 Experience: 3.4. ***-.1 dedication for.a slight bend over (B5) drawer. -.1 cheese clump. -.3 hype overload.***

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