Food Review. Eat Club. Field Squash Salad with Chicken.

Upon retrieving my dish I noticed it said, “Field Squash Salad with Chicken.” For some reason I thought I had ordered the, “Fried Squash Salad with Chicken.” Needless to say I was disappointed. All week everyone was asking me, “What did you order?” “Fried Squash Salad!” said an eccentric Eat Club Reviewer. Clearly my fault but I’m still going to deduct .2 from experience anyway. As for the meal, each ingredient was lovely. The chicken, tender. The squash, tasted like squash. The bacon, yes. Even the bouche Pumpkin vinaigrette was delightful but all of these foods together? No thank you. Reminded me of the 04 Lakers. Lot of studs but just didn’t get the job done. Meal 2.3. Experience 2.1.

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