Food Review. Eat Club. The Little Gem with Mushroom Soup.

Oh where to begin with this Little Gem of a meal. The name, great. The traditional soup and salad take, great. The taste and my overall Eat Club experience, exceptional. Now the start to my Eat Club experience got off to a rough start. The soup was in B3 (top drawer) and the salad was in B7 (bottom drawer). Not a huge deal but the grab from the top followed by a bend over to the bottom costed this meal .1 points. As for the meal, when I opened the salad I was surprised to see beets. Wasn’t expecting them to show up. Also… not the biggest fan. No worries, no complaints, the meal must go on. I applied the dressing and dove right in. Let me tell you, after the first bite I immediately said to my Co-Worker, “Best dressing I’ve ever had.” From my experience, anything involving Horseradish tends to be overpowering but not this dressing; this dressing was subtle. Wow, I never thought I’d see subtle and horseradish in the same sentence. I digress. The dressing led the way and made each bite (even some beet only bites) enjoyable. That’s right, this dish made me change my opinion on beets. Dwight Shrute would be proud. (Office Reference #1) Now for the Mushroom Soup. When I opened it up I was immediately disgusted. It looked awful. It looked like something Prison Mike would’ve eaten during his time in the clink (Office Reference #2). I disregarded my instinct, said a prayer and dove in. The soup packed a smooth mushroomy flavor and concluded with perfectly seasoned finish. Each part of my mouth was satisfied. Job well done Eat Club. Meal 4.7. Experience 4.6.

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