Food Review. Eat Club. Spicy Cajun Chicken Burger.

This Eat Club review has a bit of a backstory so bare with me for a moment. Tuesday morning rolls around and your boy was cursed with a case of the sniffles. “Oh no. My Spicy Cajun Burger will be snatched up by some greedy scoundrel looking for two lunches/a bachelor dinner.” Wednesday rolls around and my good friend Matt Bot informed me that he placed my lunch in the refrigerator. Now usually this man is a coward who lacks any sort of spine but in that moment he was a hero. I retrieved my dish from the fridge and gave it a quick microwave zap. Two observations immediately hit me. #1. This is not a burger why call it one? #2. This bun is in unbelievable condition after 24hrs in a fridge. As I dug deeper in my Eat Club box I noticed a plastic bag of slaw and a cup of jalapeños. The presentation of slaw in a plastic bag through me for a quick loop, personally I’ve never seen slaw presented in such a way. Not a bad thing or should I say “bag” thing. (Oh my please pardon my pathetic attempt at humor). I dressed my “burger” and dove in. The chicken was cold (my fault) but the bun… Oh my, the bun was fantastic. It felt like I was biting into a big fluffy cloud. The jalapeños provided just the right amount of heat and the slaw was able to cool down any extra spice that would have otherwise accumulated. All in all it was a standard spicy chicken sandwich. For a meal that spent 24 hours isolated in a cold box I’d say my Eat Club experience was a somewhat positive one. 3.7.

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