Food Review. Eat Club. Sliced Rib-Eye and Provolone Sandwich.

12:00. Tuesday. Eat Club time. I hustle over to my order which was located in B2 and was in the back of the drawer. Now I promise I’m no food/service pre-modonna. I understand it’s luck of the draw but I don’t like being in the back. .1 was immediately deducted from the experience rating. I opened up the tightly wrapped sandwich and was surprised a sesame seed roll had been used. I’m a huge sesame guy so this was certainly a delight. The sandwich looked a touch sloppy but sloppy in a good way. You don’t want a dry steak sandwich. You also don’t want a wet one either. This one was pretty neutral but leaned slightly towards the moist side. The steak was juicy, the peppers/onions were soft, the cheese blended it all together beautifully. Another positive about this sandwich was they don’t skimp on the steak. Each bite packed a nice hearty amount of meat. The only problem is unless you add some flashy ingredient like cheese whiz, jalapeños or more cheese a steak sandwich is a steak sandwich. What I mean by that is it’s an above average meal. Not great, not bad, but above average and that’s exactly what it was. Above average. Now…. As for the cookie Eat Club included. Dear god. This bad boy was dense. The amount of chocolate, nuts and coconut packed in this thing would embarrass a Girl Scout somoa. Oh god. It was amazing. I will dream about that cookie. All in all it was a solid meal. Experience will take a hit since no chips were provided and my meal was in the back of the drawer. As for the cookie, we might have a new record. Meal 3.9. Experience 3.7. Cookie 4.7. Will round down for a 3 star review.

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