Food Review. Eat Club. Fig & Prosciutto Salad.

While Nelly may be a, “sucker for cornrows” I in fact am a sucker for prosciutto. Anytime I spot that lovely Italian sounding word on the menu my eyes gravitate towards it. Yesterday was no different as I selected the Fig and Prosciutto Salad as my entree. The meal was lovely. The spinach was crisp, the almonds were crunchy, the prosciutto was thicker than the Trader Joe’s slices I’m so used to but still packed the same salty prosciutto taste I so love. As for the Figs…. beautiful The meal earned a 4.6 rating. Experience took a dip though. My item was in B6 which made me bend over a touch. (All of this bending over may wreck havoc on my back, stay tuned for updates). Also, I experienced several quinoa splatters. For those of you who have never experienced a quinoa splatter before it’s when quinoa clumps up on a piece of lettuce (or spinach in this case) and springs itself off of the leaf as you remove your fork from the dish. This may have been user error but I have too much pride for such labels. Experience 4.4.

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