Food Review. Eat Club. Campeche Chop with Butternut Soup.

Today I dined on the Capeche’ Chope with Butternut Squash. It was recommended by a fellow Co-Worker that I observe the texture/acidity of this specific meal. Apparently that’s where the beauty lies in most dishes. The salad was great. The walnuts/spicy chic peas added the perfect amount of crunch to the salad. The chicken was soft/cold which paired nicely with the cool greens. The dressing was lovely, had a classic sweet acidic taste. Fantastic amount of acid. As for the soup, not a fan. Needed more acid. Honestly though, not a big squash guy. Big fan of the sport though. Meal 3.6. Experience. 3.2 (Late notification, Meal split (B3, B6).

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