Food Review. Eat Club. Grass-fed Brioche Burger.

Today I dined on the Grass-Fed Biroche Burger. First of all the Eat Club tray splits were unbelievable. “B7” and “B2” I mean what is this an aerobic class? Am I right people? Anyways the burger was just that. A burger. Not a cheeseburger but a burger. I didn’t know people still dined on hamburgers…. Minus psychopaths. With that being said it was a pretty solid dish. The pickles were cash, the lettuce hopefully won’t kill me and the tomatoes were money. Plus the order came with these cute little bag fries that tasted like cold In and Out fries. (I mean that in a good way). Also, it came with mayo. Mayo on a burger = underrated. Don’t @ me. Meal: 3.8 Experience: 2.

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