Telling Opposing Counsel They Don’t Know Ball.

Move by: connor_madden44

Been getting hit with this saying left and right. Those Gen Z kids on TikTok don’t fuck around man. I’ll post a video on Glue_Guy_Sports (shaneless plug) and get chirped because some bro thinks a 4 time 1st team All-NBA player is trash. It’s also a tough one to come back from. So far I’ve been going with, “Nah… You’re just a casual.” Kinda sucks, but hey man, it’s the best I got right now.

It’s also fun to say. Flows off the tongue, has a slight aggressive tone to it and if delivered correctly can really hit someone at their emotional core. Trust me, I know from experience dude (Billy Madison reference).

With all that being said, I like Connor’s idea here. Just toss it out whenever. No need to be talking about ball. Could be, like Connor said, in a courtroom. Could be talking about early 2000s indie music. Maybe during a discussion about best ways to prepare salmon… It’s all gold.

Preciate the Move. Definetly going to put it in play more. Seriously though, if you guys have a solid comeback for, “You don’t know ball.” Please let me know.

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