Chalking Up Your Pool Stick Even Though You Have No Idea What You’re Doing.

Move by: jack.brennan17

This Move is spot on. Acting like you know what you’re doing when in reality you’re just mimicking Jeanette Lee or Paul Walker in The Hustler is such a play. Sooner or later people are going to realize, “Ok this guy’s a poser.” But you gotta couple moments when people might think you’re a player. IMO it’s a fun energy to live in, especially if you don’t mind feeling someone’s respect for you slowly dwindle away.

Adding an excessive amount of chalk isn’t the only way you can turn heads. Sometimes I’ll ask the boys if they want to play a little 9 ball. Nobody’s ever said yes but feel like it sends a message. Also, don’t be afraid to bust out the glove. Keep it handy in your backpack like you’re always ready for a game. But yeah, Jack is spot on here. It starts with the chalk. Could Be The Move.

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