Sketch – Bloody Marys.

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 7.03.43 AMBloody Marys. I dig em’. Nothing like sippin’ on a nice spicy Bloody Mary at 7:45am as I’m rippin’ a high tight draw down #1 at my local muni. (Translation: I enjoy drinking Bloody Marys at 7:45am on the golf course while I’m hitting good golf shots).

On the real though… Some Bloody Marys need to relax. Restaurants/bars are out here priding themselves on the random/goofy shit they put in their Bloody Mary. “Best Bloody Mary in California!” Why? Because it’s got a lobster claw and cheeseburger hanging out the side?… Chill. “That’ll be $94 sir.”

What kills me is the stupid face the person has on when they receive the Bloody Mary. It’s part pride, part confusion, part excitement. “Look at me! I got the cool drink! Should I eat the bacon now or wait?” Relax dude… You didn’t get the fajitas. Nobody is impressed.  Last thing I’ll say, you ever take all the stuff out and realize they only gave you like 3oz. of Bloody Mary. Smh. Don’t be fooled man. The purpose of the Bloody Mary is to buzz you up. Not fill you up! …. Solid line, Dolan. Solid line.

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