Food Review. Eat Club. Hot Dogs with Potato Chips.

Today I dined on the Hot Dogs with Potato Chips. After I retrieved the dish (A2. Technically A1 but a fellow co-worker moved me down like some sort of evil authoritative king). I sat down and suddenly lost myself. I ditched the bun and Kobyashi’d the first 3/4 of my dog. After I regained consciousness I was bombarded with disgusted glares from my co-workers. I then collected myself and went into Jonathan Gold mode. Now, I’m used to dissecting only the most exquisite meals/flavors and today was difficult. I’ve never truly thought about the taste of a hot-dog. Luckily I was saved by a co-worker who asked me to describe the snap of the hot dog. Apparently this is a scale in which all gourmet hot-dogs are judged. Eat Club Hot Dog Snap Score: .8 (out of 5.) Sure the snap wasn’t there but I enjoyed my time eating these dogs. Took me back to simpler times. Meal: 3.6 Experience: 4.4.

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