Food Review. Eat Club. Chicken Tostada Salad. 5.

Today I once again dined on the Chicken Tostada salad. For those who don’t know, my plan is to order this dish 5 times in a row in hopes to gain a better understanding of why people are so overtly satisfied with this meal. A 4.5 rating from fellow Eat Club reviewers seems excessive…. I just don’t see it, yet anyways. Who knows, maybe my rating will drastically change to a 4.5. I mean, I’ve changed my opinion heavily on several topics throughout my lifetime. For example, a young (idiotic) Bobby once labeled the Derek Jeter flip play, “Just another play”. People change. So do Eat Club Reviews. Today the Chicken Tostada Salad changed for the worse. 4.1. The dressing was dispersed poorly. “Oh Bobby that’s on you.” No. It’s not. I’m a great salad shaker. Experience: 4.0. (A5 placement again).

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