Food Review. Eat Club. Chipotle Beef Brisket Sandwich.

Today I had the Chipotle Beef Brisket Sandwich. Backstory: I have been on quite the Chipotle kick as of late. I recently had the Chipotle Cheesesteak from Subway then followed it up with the Chipotle Chicken Cheesesteak from Jersey Mike’s, now this!?!? Pretty soon my friends are gonna start calling me, “Chip!” I digress with laughter. Speaking of chips. They came with my dish today and they were lovely! Had the slightest amount of crisp to them, more flakey than anything. (Started my review with the side dish. How edgy.) Sandwich time! The bread’s texture was lovely. Not soft. Not firm but right in the middle. The cheese blended in perfectly with the beef brisket. The onions were soft and favorable. I myself added some of my own hot sauce to add a little kick. To my surprise this dish included a chocolate chip cookie. Boy do I love those. Nice added touch by the lovely people at Eat Club. (+.2 Experience) Meal: 4.0 Experience: 4.2.

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