Bringing Bread to Quiznos and See If They’ll Toast It.

Quiznos kind of sucks. It didn’t at first though, I mean, it probably did but my brain was too busy being blown away at the idea of a sandwich being toasted right in front of me. Heck, I remember my first Quiznos experience. Got it to go and ate it back at my buddy Philip’s place. (Shoutout Frederick, Maryland!) It was a nice little experience, I got to see the toast machine in action, I got pink lemonade, did work on some Batch 81 sauce. Delicious. An overall solid experience. After several years living a Quiznosless life my curiosity was sparked by an ad for a new Quiznos sub. They called it,”The Torpedo.” It looked tremendous. It was long, toasty, fucking meat was flying out of the god damn thing. Not only did it look bad-ass but the commercial had a shit-ton of swag. They boasted about the length and even did a side by side comparison with a Subway foot-long. Sure it was a touch aggressive but I dig aggressive marketing; especially when it comes to sandwiches. So I tried it out and was extremely disappointed, it was long, skinny and had no meat. Sure my meal was a let down but for some reason I still had a great time. Why? Well because tilting my head and getting the perfect view of my sub coming out of the toaster is a fucking rush!

With all that being said I’m thinking the move is to bring a loaf into Quiznos and see if they’ll toast a couple slices. “Hey man, got some bologna in the car. Hoping you could run a couple slices through for me.” “Yo dude, cool if I use this bad boy for a second?” When they say no hit em’ with, “What? Why not? I thought you guys toast here.” Bringing Bread to Quiznos and See If They’ll Toast It. Could Be The Move.

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Creating A Weird Voice/Character In Someone’s Head

We live in a digital world where texts, Facebook messages, emails and all of that other shit is read in certain tones. The person typing the message might have the best intentions in the world but for whatever reason the person reading it may have a “bitchy”, “condescending” tone in their head. My favorite is when someone hits me with ALL CAPS. YOU IMMEDIATELY HEAR A VOICE SHOUTING IN YOUR HEAD. If I start typing with…… Dots….. Maybe the voice changes to your college professor who took long breaks between sentences. You start reading a bunch of “quotes” maybe the voice gets a little more smug. Since most of you reading this already know me, the voice in your head is probably me. Which is kinda weird and made feel uncomfortable for a second. Now that you’ve realized the power you have…. Make a fucking weird voice. Like, “GAME?!?! ARE YOU COMING OVER FOR THE GAME!?!?!” “I AM GOING TO PICK YOU UP THEN WE GO TO LUNCH!” Now they have this weird inner voice every time you text them and all you did is make a couple grammatical changes. Don’t be scared to make it weird, “HELLO!?!? HOPE YOU’RE HAVING DAY!!!! I’LL PICK YOU PU AT NOON THEN WE”LL GO TO YUMMY FOOD YUM! HAHAJEHAJAHEHAJAJ :)::))L:))::))))).” Creating A Weird Voice/Character In Someone’s Head, Could Be The Move.

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06/04 – CBTM 17 (Banjo + Pikachu)

No Jeff :(. Jackie got a banjo. Bobby plays it and falls in love. He makes a song up on the spot, sings at the top of his lungs and I’m pretty sure scares Jackie. Jackie drops a great quote. It starts with her saying, “In MMA you’re trying to knock the person out right?” Bobby responds with, “Yeah. you’re trying to knock them out in boxing to.” Jackie: “How though if you have pillows on your hands?” I’ve listened to that part 6 times and it has made me laugh every time.

CBTM 17.m4a

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05/26 – CBTM 16 (Song Games)

Jeff is back. They talk about his Japan trip. Jeff reads a Wikipedia article about some German SKANK! They play a game called, “Happy Things Over Depressing Songs and Angry Things Over Happy Songs.” They play the Song Visualization game at the end…. Thanks to a tweet from Luke. @couldbethemove

CBTM 16.m4a

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05/19 – CBTM 15 (Fruit People + Free Association)

No Jeff again. BOOOOOOO! Jackie interviews Bobby about his relationship with Jeff. How it started. Their biggest fight. All that cute shit. They discuss the type of people fruit would be if they came to life. **Spoiler** Banana is the man and would date Strawberry. They close it out with a new game called Free Association. It’s a fun little doozy where they play a song and describe what movie scene it would pair well with.

CBTM 15 2.m4a

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05/12 – CBTM 14 (DragCon + Softball Girl)

No Jeff. Just Jackie and Bobby. Jackie talks about going to DragCon (a drag queen convention). Bobby talks about the softball girl that got away. (Drake – Once Dance)

CBTM 14.m4a

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05/05 – CBTM 13 (Beat Movement + H&M Song)

Jeff reads a wikipedia article about someone from the Beat movement. BC rings in and talks about Blue Apron and Kickball. Bobby calls H&M to find a song he heard at the store last week. Jackie is wrong about 10 different things throughout the podcast (see the comments) and Bobby ends up getting pissed….. Also, Bobby was supposed to play Korn – Falling Away From Me but he forgot to edit it in.

CBTM 13.m4a

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