Life Jacket at the Bar.

Move via: @clay.rl Why not man. Nice day, just got done with a little jet ski sesh. Or heck maybe you’re about to hop on one. Cold beverage, sun on your arms, feel the vest start heating up. Vacation mode.

When I really think about it, not sure if I’ve ever had a bad time wearing a life vest. When I got one of those puppies on I’m usually doing some tubin’, on a jetski, pushing out a rent-a-kayak. For me, life vests = fun. Should start tricking my brain. Having a tough day at work, bam, life vest. DoorDash driver forgot my Chick-fil-A Sauce, bam, life vest. Bro I’m about to toss one on during a big Orioles game, just in case ya know. High on this Move, might incorporate.

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