Going Into the Woman’s Bathroom to Run Game.

Top Gun. Maverick. Dude put on a straight up clinic in this movie. His game was absolutely unstoppable. Jordan’s flu game, Hendrix at Woodstock, Maverick in Top Gun. One of the great performances and nobody’s talking about it.

There’s a number of Moves I could highlight here: The classic She’s Lost That Loving Feeling, or how about I’m Gonna Take a Shower…. maybe I go with an underrated deep cut Ice Water.

I decided to roll with the most high-risk, low-reward Move and that’s Maverick Rolling Into the Woman’s Room... Let’s talk about it.

Maverick just got done with his patented, She’s Lost That Loving Feeling bit. She seems to genuinely dig it. You could argue Maverick put waayyyy to much pressure on her. All of the attention is on them, solid vibe/everybody’s having a good time, what’s she supposed to do? Turn him down and kill the bars buzz? That point though gets immediately shutdown once they start conversing. They’re into eachother, flirtatious body language from both. In a cute/fun roundabout way she asks how he thinks their encounter is going. Maverick reponds with, “I don’t know I’ll tell you tomorrow but it’s looking good so far.” Agressive. She gets a touch bashful, says her friends just arrived, they have another cute quick banter and then she bails. Maverick is beside himself, beats himself up a touch, then sees an opportunity and strikes.

Here’s where the magic happens. A lesser man would chalk it up as a loss, move on. Not Maverick. He didn’t obesses over the negative, her bailing. He trusted his gut, realized a vibe was there and pushed the chips in. She goes to the bathroom. He follows, stands outside the door gives a shooters shoot smirk and goes in. Door opens, her eyes glance over, she smiles clearly digs the Move. Their talking close, she goes, “What do you want to do just drop down on the tile and go for it?” Now this is where we seperate the men from the boys. Guy like me? I’d squirm, say something stupid. Completely butcher the vibe. Not Mav though, Mav goes, “Actually… I had this counter in mind.” I mean, talk about returning a sharp serve right back to her. All while staying in the pocket, staying close, keeping the vibe. Incredible. They have another quick cute back and forth but she bails. Does it immediately work out? No. They go their seperate ways. Mav has no idea who she is, thinks he failed. Little does he know dude set the foundation.

I’d argue they don’t become a thing without that bathroom Move. They got some quiet time, a one on one interaction, the conversation turned sexual. I mean she clearly dug it. Would I recommend this Move? No. Now maybe this shit could play in the 80s but nowadays I’d say 95% of girls would be creeped out but that’s the thing though…. If you pull this off on one of those 5 percenters…. I think it Could Be The Move.

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