Smooth. A True Pro.

Mispronounce Your Last Name.

Veggie Platter at the Cartel Meeting.

Answer the Door With a Big Ass Candle.

Stand the Opposite Way On the Elevator.

Crust On the Pizza.

You’re My Biggest Fan.

Potato Salad With a Knife.

Cig Wind Check.

Human Mic Stand.

Just Having a Sit.

Play an Outro.

Elite Movie Theater Sneak In Here.

8:00am Slamming a Beer at a Little League Game.

French Press at Work.

Maverick Had Unstoppable Game.

Box Seats To-Go Beers.

The Pocket Pint.

The Beer Dip.

The Flick and Funnel.

Buying Your Nine Year Old Newphew a Wrench Set.

Bus Slap.

The Chess Mean Mug.

Chuckin’ Rocks With the Boys.

Going Hard On Ellen.

The Shooter Intro.

The One Cleat Kickoff.

The Belt Limbo.

Get Shot. Finish the Speech.

The Taco Bell Burrito Cut.

Ja Morant Keeping It Real.

“The Move” Taco Bell Commercial.

18th Hole Chaos.

Oops! There Goes My Shirt.

Fill Up Your Drink Behind the Bar.

One Rip. Gone.

Bring Your Mail to the Bank.

Scorecard Tuck.

Belly Clap.

Wooden Spoons.

Shower Ledge Windows.

Sunset. Stick. Blades.

The No Look Club Face Pant Wipe.

Join the Italian Mafia For the Food.

The Pretzel Rod Cigar.

Olympics. 5000 Meters. Backwards Hat.

What Isn’t the Move?

Driving the Golf Cart From the Passenger Side.

Carrying Your Shopping Cart.

Hammering Your Cigar.

Trash Bottle Pre-1997.

The First Sip Grunt.

Get Arrested in a Tux.

Cover Your Mouth Postgame.

Hopping Out of a Chopper Before It Lands.

Throw Up an Equation.

Muenster Cheese. Maybe Bring Your Own to Restaurants.

Football Bike Helmet.

Play a 2-3 Zone in Pickup.

Swipe a Beer Mid-Toast.

Rolling Up With Bomb Olive Oil.

Bring a Glass From Home.

The Unreal Fast Shower.

Touching the Extremely Hot Plate.

Stand Under the Basket During End of Game Free Throws.

Golf Lesson. Mug.

A Little Pregame Pinot.

I Had a Good Day.

Bring Your Own Sixer to a Wedding.

Lead a Business Meeting in the Bathtub.

The Vicious Bite.

Stand In Front of the Movie Theater to Find Someone.

Handing Your Finished Drink Off.

The Ole Coffee Mug Salute.

Cooking With a Strong Wrist Game.

Pec Day on Vote Day.

Ice Water.

The Dumbledore Clap.

Penalty Shot No Bucket.

Having a McDonald’s In Your Mansion and Paying Your Employees Well.

40-60 mph On The Beer Toss.

Having a Picture of Burnt Toast In Your Wallet.

Skoo Ba Doo Ba Doo Bop.

Bummin’ Two Smokes and Tuckin’ One Behind the Left Ear.

Overdoing Last Dance References.

The Albert Belle.