Throw a Couple Beers in the VIP Seats.

Listen man, I got respect for butter, always have. Can take a simple piece of toast and carry it to another level. Takes skill, grit, heart even. With that being said I’m not sure if butter deserves a solo VIP box seat on a daily basis, not sure if any of the items in my fridge do. As far as I’m concerned they’re a team, everyone’s got their role. We got the eggs showing off their versatility like a solid two way 2nd line center. We got the fruit, a specialist who can hit the outside shot and open up the floor. We got the salsa hanging in the back of the fridge for god knows how long waiting for it’s moment to shine like some stud Michael Turner-esque backup running back. Like I said, a team. Which is why I’ve been known to rotate items in the VIP seats. Throw a chicken thigh in there, a bell pepper, hell been known to move the baking soda in there from time to time. Everyone gets their turn. Today it happened to be two tasty @samadams Oktoberfests. I don’t know man, haven’t fully decided but I’m starting to think rotating fridge items in the VIP seats Could Be The Move.

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